CENSUS 101: What You Need To Know

Our Community. Our Census.

The Lehigh Acres community lost over $200 million dollars in federal funding since the 2010 census because everyone wasn’t counted.

The distribution of more than $675 billion in federal funds and grants is based on collected census data and support states, counties and communities.

These funds and grants are utilized for schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs.

The census is not affiliated with any political party or agenda and does not ask any information regarding legal status or citizenship.

The 9 question form DOES NOT ASK any questions pertaining to citizenship or legal status. The form is only asking about persons living in the home.

Everyone Counts

The Census counts every person. Every man, woman, or child (Including infants) living in the United States is counted once and in the right place!

It's Confidential, It's the Law

The Census Bureau can not share your responses in any way that could identify you or your household. Your responses can not be used against you and can only be used to produce statistics.

2020 Key Census Dates

March 12 - 20

Households will begin receiving official Census Bureau mail with detailed information on how to respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail.

April 1

Census Day is observed nationwide. By this date, every home will receive an invitation to participate. You should respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail.

Community Events

There will be events with food & fun on March 14, 2020 (11am to 3pm)
Promoting awareness, answeering questions, and registration assistance at the following locations:

Mugs n’ Jugs

5512 8th St W, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 (Facing Lee Boulevard)

Jack’s Market

510 Joel Blvd, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

Joe St. Block Party

A party on Joe St between Leonard Blvd S and 24th ST SW

It's Our Civic Duty!

Easy to participate in democracy and say "I count!"

Do Your Part For Your Community

Use an option below to complete the census



Paper Form

Uncounted = Underfunded

eastleecounts.org | info@eastleecounts.org

Gwyn Gittens | (239) 634-0164

Ways Census Data Is Used

  • Decision making at all levels of government.
  • Attracting new businesses to state and local areas.
  • Forecasting future transportation needs for all segments of the population.
  • Planning for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and the location of other health services
  • Forecasting future housing needs for all segments of the population.
  • Designing public safety strategies
  • Development of rural areas.
  • Analyzing local trends.
  • Estimating the number of people displaced by natural disasters.
  • Developing assistance programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives
  • Creating maps to speed emergency services to households in need of assistance.
  • Delivering goods and services to local markets
  • Planning future government services.
  • Planning future government services.
  • Publishing economic and statistical reports about the United States and its people.
  • Reapportioning seats in the House of Representatives.
  • Spotting trends in the economic well-being of the nation and in our community
  • Planning for public transportation services.
  • Planning health and educational services for people with disabilities
  • Establishing fair market rents and enforcing fair lending practices
  • Directing services to children and adults with limited English language proficiency.
  • Planning outreach strategies.
  • Understanding labor supply
  • Making business decisions
  • Understanding consumer needs
  • Support for faith based initiatives.
  • Locating factory sites and distribution centers.
  • Planning for education, schools: Preschool to Adult Ed.
  • Researching historical subject areas.
  • Determining areas eligible for housing assistance and rehabilitation loans

Thank You to Our Partners!

Uncounted = Underfunded

eastleecounts.org | info@eastleecounts.org

Gwyn Gittens | (239) 634-0164